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When Ashely got injured I screamed at the TV cause I never wanted to hurt her.

➙ Warden/Morrigan



Nothing says “I love you” better than giving your girlfriend a subterranean bunny pig.


For mynameiscloud u3u


victory snuggles

the entire point of the game tbh


guys guys guys, check out this lovely commission I got from neotericwitch! I requested James doing something that surprised Payton, and suffice it to say, this was exactly what I wanted! also, they’ve got commissions going on right now, so you should check them out!! what a sweetheart and so incredibly talented!


Shenko moments - 44/??


Little baby Rosemary Hawke, and her rebellious beau.
In a world where mages don’t always carry staves and wear ridiculously obvious robes!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
A gid of Kaidan and MShep dancing and it's automatically shenko?? Wow
biowarelove biowarelove Said:

This gif?

The gif the OP tagged with MShenko and Space Husbands?

Yes, you’re right. I really made a huge assumption there.