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I once tagged something as “faart” instead of “fanart”.

I didn’t see it until much later, and when I did I laughed until I could hardly breathe.

Because I am that mature.


As people pointed out, Leliana and Josephine were missing from this drawing that I did and someone suggested they were off snogging in a corner. So yeah.


Made for the Miranda Calender Project on the BSN. :)

Brave we were to anchor together under the moonless sky but we shared this compass & we followed those stars & here we found our harbor.



If I wasn’t so tired and lazy I would actually look up a ref for Iron Bull. I really want to romance him with an elf, which means my future shield and sword lavellan will probably be the one.


Take a break from comic work to do other comic work. 

Anyway, have some Adam Hawke and Fenris doodles, loves.


Cullen + Lady Trevelyan (still haven’t chosen her a name :=()

Ref used for the pose, except for the bottom of the picture, completely home made… for reasons.<3

@fuckyeahcullen : for the donut, a classic with sugar will be fine.  :=D


The face she fell in love with.


The face she fell in love with.


these 2 look very happy and nice and shit here but kaidan is actually trying to trick shep into giving him her coffee and shep is trying rlly hard not to fall for it again