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Mass Effect 3: Just Married by DorianPavus

Long time no see, Mshenko fans! :)


Hello there! This comic is the continuation of [The ring] .

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Asker pizzopaps Asks:
rorie for 2 and 18 *u*
biowarelove biowarelove Said:


I’ve got another ask with #18 so I’ll answer that there, in the meantime Rorie wearing my pajamas because I’m a cool kid. Also, threw in a Dorian.


YES thank you anon



The FemShep Project part five with Sky Shepard and James Vega

Isabela: Speaking of playing… Why don't we go off and have a
little bit of… girly fun?
Hawke: I don't know what you mean.
Isabela: Us, together. Telling secrets, exploring each other's
hidden… dephts.
Hawke: That sounds like a wonderful idea.



Secrets of a Shadow Broker-Art trade on deviant of their Shepard and Liara.  Even with a stock reference this kicked my backside.